CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY aporta su tecnología a la línea de producción de COSENTINO

CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY brings its innovative technology and specialization in process engineering to the expansion of COSENTINO’s production capacity, for a line of its ultra-compact DEKTON‍surfaces.

Ambitious project of process engineering

The engineering department of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY has contributed its competitive knowledge in process engineering to, together with the engineering team of COSENTINO, design and start up a new technological plant included within the third production line of DEKTON ‍.

This innovative system, designed with the latest technology, covers the needs of storage, transport, dosing and mixing of atomized raw materials. In addition, this plant will have a dust collection system on the production line. With this ambitious project, COSENTINO will achieve the dual purpose of ensuring compliance with all exposure limits, as well as non-pollution of each of the different raw materials atomized. In addition, the entire facility has been designed prioritizing accessibility and with a high degree of flexibility to reach multiple product variants.

This technological plant is designed to expand the production of the ultra-compact surfaces DEKTON‍, and is exclusively designed for the sophisticated range of atomized products required by COSENTINO in its exclusive TSP Sintered Particle Technology.

Automation and Industry 4.0

All processes included in this technology plant have automated systems that meet the highest quality standards and guidelines set by the technological evolution of Industry 4.0.

A brand in expansion

Characterized by its commitment to innovation, sustainability and international expansion, COSENTINO and its brands are a worldwide reference in the field of surfaces for architecture and design. This commitment to innovation also extends to its manufacturing facilities, located in the Industrial Park that the multinational has in Cantoria (Almería), and all its production lines. This new production line will follow this same line of innovation and advanced technology thanks to the added value provided by the CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY project.

The company of Vila-real is faithful to its commitment to the latest technology in the market and persist in its spirit of continuous improvement. To this end, in the projects in which it participates, prior study of the solution and compliance with a tailor-made planning becomes vital.

This process of building a comprehensive solution is supported by the 15,000 m2 of facilities that have the most advanced technology of the moment. In addition, the CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY team stands out for its solid experience in the implementation of equipment and plant technologies, ensuring the best result for its customers.