Living Ceramics installs a new production line with our coloring technology

Living Ceramics is committed to technology and automation to expand its production of large-format parts. For this, he has relied on the installation of the COLORJET 20, the most advanced solution on the market for dry colouring designed by the engineering and R&D team of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY.


This facility is a turnkey project of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY for the commissioning of a complete plant for receiving and storing the atomized product, a coloring tower with the COLORJET 20 and press feed for the production of large format parts.

planta para el sector ceramico


The coloring plant includes the developed OXINE dosing system for the dosing of pigments on the atomized product. Once the oxides have been dosed on the product, they pass to the COLORJET 20 dry colouring system where the mixture will be made before feeding to presses.

This dry coloring technology designed by CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY achieves productions of up to 20 tons hour in continuous. In addition, another of the strengths of this innovative coloration system is that it will allow Living Ceramics to produce color with this coloration installation only when production requires it.

This eliminates the stock of the coloured product and the problems associated with its storage.

coloring technology


This project also includes the reception of the atomized product and its subsequent storage in 12 storage silos. The product is unloaded from the silos using a weighing system to maintain control over the quantity of product that is available.

With this project, CHUMILLAS TECHNOLGY reinforces the trust placed by various ceramic cluster companies in engineering when installing new large format tile production plants.