HALCÓN CERÁMICAS bets on dry coloring technology of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOOGY

CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY will install the COLORJET 20, its patented dry colouring solution, on the new HALCÓN CERÁMICAS production line located on floor 2.

COLORJET 20 represents the latest dry coloring system on the market, specially designed for companies in the ceramic sector. This solution allows the total adhesion of pigments and oxides to the atomisation and reinforces the final homogenisation of the product.

The new technology of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY will allow the ceramics to reach productions of up to 20 tons per hour on its large format parts production line.

This investment will be reflected in the optimization of the production, an increase in the color range and a greater color intensity.

Among the most outstanding features of the COLORJET 20 we find the simplification of the production line, reduction of energy costs and the elimination of the stock by giving the production capacity exclusively what is consumed.

Sistema de coloracion en seco para el sector ceramico COLORJET 20

New commitment to the engineering of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY

At the end of 2020, HALCÓN CERÁMICAS already opted for the engineering services of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY for the design and installation of a storage, transport and dosing line, which will now be reinforced with the COLORJET 20 coloring system.