Flowgain: Pneumatic conveying solution to double production

We have added the new pneumatic conveyor solution to our catalogue. We are talking about the Flowgain. It allows to sumhe dragging air flux of a conveyed product compared to a normal installation.

This patented solution allows to transport a wide range of products with a different physical characteristic. Mr. David Chumillas CEO of the company says that the Flowgain “is a solution to the problems that resides in this type of pneumatic transport facilities”. Normally, he says “two vacuum pumps use a twice as much power, but they do not generate a double drag air flux”, “our solution allows to reach almost a 100% of the systems performance, making the pumpms work at the same pressure”.

The benefits of this pneumatic conveying solution add flexibility to the system, allowing to extend the existing facility in order to satisfy higher production requirements, at relatively low costs.

Pneumatic conveying solution with innovative design

The Flowgain is a revolutionary product developed by our R&D department. Its innovative design maximizes the pressure performance of the pneumatic conveying system. In addition, it offers greater flexibility to convey different products, since it can use one or both vacuum pumps, depending on the requirements at of each moment.