CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY implants our dry coloring system in Grupo Azuliber

Grupo Azuliber trust in CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY for dry colouring at the CERAMICS MYR production plant. Specifically, this technology includes the MC colouring solution and the OXINE dosing system.

The OXINE dosing system allows weighing, measuring and dosing the quantities of pigments needed to make the mixture with the atomized powder. In the next picture, we can observe the functioning of the OXINE system. The pigment is dosed, depending on its volume or weight, on the atomized powder. It is transported through a tape. Once the pigments are dosed, they are discharged into the MC colouring system.

dosificadores OXINE para el sistema de coloración

This colouring system ensures optimal pigment distribution and full adhesion to the atomised powder. In this picture, we can see the MC system in one of our exhibitions.This solution is formed by a rotating drum in which the mixture is made inside assisted by blades. The atomized powder and pigments enter through the loading mouth to transfer the product to the drum, which, after mixing, is extracted through the discharge mouth.

Solución MC para el sistema de coloración en seco

In the following video we can observe the operation of MC dry coloring system.

Benefits of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY dry coloring system

This is not the first time that the Grupo Azuliber has trusted us. At CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY we have a solid experience in the manufacture of solutions for the production processes of ceramic companies. During our trajectory, we have been able to develop innovative solutions adapted to the growing needs of ceramic production.

This coloring system, designed by our engineering and R&D department, will allow CERÁMICAS MYR to increase its coloring capacity, improve the quality of the final product and reduce production costs. This coloring technology provides a high quality in the production of ceramic tiles of technical and enamelled porcelain stoneware.