CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY participates in the construction of the world’s largest solar thermal power plant in Dubai

CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY participates in the Noor Energy 1 project, the construction of the world’s largest solar thermal power plant located in Dubai, thanks to its high level of expertise and experience in the treatment, Management and dosage of salts for fusion that allows to generate electricity 24 hours a day.

Located in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Seih Al Dahal, about 50 kilometers south of Dubai, this project led by Shanghai Electric has been launched. We are talking about a world-class project since it is the largest concentrated solar power plant in a single site in the world that uses a combination of state-of-the-art central tower technology and concentrated solar energy cylinder collector technologiesparabolic (CSP) to collect energy from the sun. Specifically, it includes a tower 260 meters high of 100 MW (the highest in the world), will use three technologies to produce 950 megawatts (MW) of clean energy (700MW CSP and 250MW PV) and will be supported with photovoltaic panels to reach the full phase at 950 MW. All this will be reflected in 15 hours of storage capacity of molten salt solar thermal energy.

Operation of the plant

The Noor Energy 1 project aims to melt salt through heating through a solar thermal system to generate energy 24 hours a day.

It is precisely in the treatment of salts that CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY is crucial for the project thanks to its intervention in the management, grinding, transport and dosing of salt. After these processes, the salt is transferred to the fusion furnace, where our partner Herlogas melts it and takes it to an energy storage tank, previously heated in its furnaces with the highest quality standards.

It is worth mentioning the specialization and solid experience in projects of this magnitude of the engineering department of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY. Thanks to the human capital that forms it and the leadership in the management of this type of project, the company is already a benchmark in this type of projects at international level. For this reason, the awards obtained by the company are different, thus reinforcing its commitment to offer solutions in a wide range of sectors.

Benefits of the project

This project will be able to generate electricity for 270.00 households. Thanks to the molten salt that circulates inside the tower at any time of the day, energy is allowed to exist constantly. In this way, light will be generated 24 hours a day, a distinguishing feature since not all suppliers can generate and sell light independently.

This project is part of the environmental master plan being developed by the Arab Emirates to reduce the carbon footprint, in which 75 per cent of energy production is expected to come from clean sources by 2050.

With this new installation, CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY reinforces its global leadership in energy storage processes of solar thermal power plants. Among its history, we find its participation in projects such as Cerro Dominar in Chile, the Shagaya plant in Kuwait and other facilities spread throughout South Africa, Morocco and Spain.