Chumillas Technology increase the pneumatic conveyor of Fritta with its model of 5.000 litres

Chumillas Technolgy has engineered and manufactures a new propeller with 5.000 litres of capacity to Fritta. These company is specializes in design, manufactures and  commercialisation of frits, enamels and colours for ceramics.

This pneumatic conveyor solutions allows to transport solids through air pressure through a pipe. This solution removes the contamination of the environment and avoid dust generation. In this way, companies encourage a clean work place. This pneumatic conveyor solution can transport 20t/h.

Transporte neumático de Fritta

Benefits of a pneumatic conveyor solution automate

We talk about a flexible pneumatic conveyor workable solution to all workplaces. It allows a clean space and requires a minimum maintenance service. Also, it is a automate solutions. It is allowing you to automate request and dispatch of the product.

A automate pneumatic conveyor system improves the efficiency of the process, reduces the error rate, increase the productivity and facilitates logistical control. All thanks to the automate department of Chumillas Technology, specialized in SCADA and which objective is promote a full automated installation.