CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY expands GRESPANIA’s large format production line

CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY has been commissioned to carry out the expansion of the production line of large format sheets of the COVERLAM factory of GRESPANIA.

Specifically, it is the expansion of the existing installation, also launched by CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY in 2016. This line already had the processes of reception, storage in silos, dosing, transport and filtration of dust, as well as the automation of the entire installation, to ensure maximum production efficiency.

This extension includes, in the land receiving area, a new storage system with a battery of silos, half for storing white products and the other half for coloured products. It also includes a feeding circuit to presses and, these new zones are connected to the existing circuit, so that the entire installation is flexible and multidisciplinary in feeding all large format parts production lines, with lamination pressing technology.

The final product: COVERLAM

COVERLAM by Grespania is an innovative product of large format and thin thickness manufactured with natural raw materials that offers superior mechanical and aesthetic properties to any conventional coating material. Manufactured in parts up to 1200×3600 mm, it is marketed in various formats and thicknesses, created by the automated cutting division of the initial part.

Nowadays it is possible to produce sheets of dimensions 1620×3240 mm, 1000×3000 mm, 1200×2600 mm and of finer thickness, up to 3.5 mm maintaining the optimal mechanical and aesthetic properties for any project. COVERLAM’s large format foils have high technical and aesthetic performance superior to conventional coating materials. Qualities such as resistance to impact, bending and wear; chemical resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance; possibility of placement

Zero waste system

This project also includes the installation of a circuit to recover the rejection produced in the pressing by lamination. The reject product is transported to the recovery tower, where it is processed by a grinding system and mixed with the virgin atomized product so that it can be used again during the laminate feed. The aim of this rejection management system is to take advantage of waste and optimise the production process.

Within these processes that promote the care of the environment, an aspiration circuit has also been designed to reduce emissions that may be generated during the transport of the product, by means of different collection points on the production line strategically studied.

With this project GRESPANIA consolidates its confidence in the engineering of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY by commissioning the development and commissioning of the expansion of its production for large format products.