CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY installs a raw material dosing plant for AZULIBER

CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY has been in charge of designing, manufacturing and launching the new raw material preparation plant for the atomization production for the company AZULIBER. This turnkey solution that has designed the engineering area contains different reception, storage and dosing solutions for the production and handling of the atomized product.

AZULIBER, a company belonging to the PAMESA Group, is one of the main producers of atomized clay, a raw material used for the production of tiles in the ceramic cluster.

This ambitious project by AZULIBER is designed to suit your needs, as CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY offers these industrial facilities engineering services, prioritizing the conditions and requirements of each customer.

Specifically, this plant has a system of reception and storage of raw materials and a mechanical transport system to feed the continuous mill. The installation is completed with mechanical transport and storage in silos of the atomized product, as well as the automation of the entire installation to ensure more efficient production.

Thanks to the commissioning of this complete plant, AZULIBER will increase its production capacity, efficiency and takes another step within the standards of industry 4.0.