ARGENTA trust on the COLORJET 20 dry coloring system

ARGENTA relies on the technology of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY. Specifically, ARGENTA has opted for the installation of the COLORJET 20 to carry out dry coloring on one of its porcelain stoneware production lines.

ARGENTA already has the processes of receiving, storing and feeding presses designed and installed by CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY. You will now have the latest dry colouring technology on the market to strengthen your production.

The dry coloring process of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY consists of:

  • OXINE dosing systems: System allows dosing the percentage of oxides needed, after mixing with the product, to optimize and improve the quality of production.
  • COLORJET 20 dry coloring system: This latest technology on the market allows for the colouring of the atomised powder without mechanical components, while ensuring better oxide distribution and better homogenisation of the finished product.

This line of dry coloring is the step before the press feeding process for the production of porcelain stoneware by ARGENTA.

Solutions for the ceramic tile industry

At CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY we have 40 years of experience in the design and installation of production plants for the ceramic tile industry. Our engineering and R&D department has designed different solutions and custom equipment to meet the needs of the ceramic tile  such as extraction systems, sorting, conveyor belts or storage silos…

Recently, we have added to our portfolio of products for this sector, the COLORJET 20 system that has become the disruptive dry coloring system that allows producing up to 20 t/h. Among its benefits, highlights the reduction of energy and stock costs, as it allows to produce only what is consumed and to simplify the production line.