“The main objective of this project was to provide the large format line with a new coloring machine with greater production capacity to feed that line”. This was the goal of PERONDA GROUP, the message conveyed by its Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), Javier Sanjuan, with the installation of COLORJET 20.

Origins of the project

The talks between PERONDA GROUP and CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY started when the benefits of COLORJET 20 were already being tested at the TechLAB pilot plant. From here, the two parties tested the solution in TechLAB after the start of the solution in PERONDA GROUP, which has allowed a “very fluid” installation, as indicated by the CTO of the company, Carlos Chumillas.

From the first samples, as reported by Jorge Denia, Production Technician of Plant 2 of PERONDA GROUP, “we got parts that could have been of production”, which reinforces the message of Sanjuan “At PERONDA GROUP we always bet on the latest technology in the market, so we established the collaboration in this project because it was a good opportunity to install a new generation coloring machine in our facilities”.

The solution: COLORJET 20

This new dry colouring system COLORJET 20 is presented as the latest colouring technology on the market that allows to achieve 20t/h productions. It is a patented system that allows the full adhesion of pigments/oxides to the atomized powder, increases the color range and offers a higher color intensity.

Among the benefits offered by the COLORJET 20, we highlight the power that grants companies to produce exclusively what they consume and therefore, eliminates the stock. In addition, the design of the COLORJET 20 allows to simplify the production line and occupy less space.

If you want to read the full story of the COLORJET 20 installation project at PERONDA GROUP, do not hesitate to access the news from our blog.


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