Industrial process laboratory

Book your visit to the TechLAB pilot plant

From CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY we want to invite you to our TechLAB pilot plant. This is our innovative research laboratory where you can start all the industrial processes your company needs.

The objective of this pilot plant is to know in first person how you can improve your products and processes in an area where you can innovate and know the final result, without stopping your production.

The industrial processes and machinery we have available are the following:

  • Dry micronization
  • Granulation system
  • Mixing system
  • Dry coloring system
  • Pneumatic and mechanical conveyor
  • Continuous grinding by dry process
  • Dynamic and pneumatic separation
  • Compaction system
  • Dosing and weighing
  • Filtration system
  • Screening and screening system

In addition, you will have the support of our engineering department that will help you materialize the project you have in mind.

Having a research laboratory like TechLAB allows us to develop and validate new technologies that have a direct impact on the optimization of our customers’ production. In addition, it allows factories to launch new product ideas or processes without interrupting production. This is a safe investment that reduces start-up times, because the solution has already been studied and validated at TechLAB.

If you are interested in visiting our TechLAB pilot plant, please leave us your details in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a visit.

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