Chumillas Technology, take part in an innovative european project related to microwave technology
Proyectos13 / Jan / 2020
For several years, CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY has been deeply committed with innovation, quality and service offered to its clients. Recently, CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY is participating in the European project DESTINY: Development of an Efficient Microwave System for Material Transformation in energy INtensive processes for an improved Yield (H2020-NMBP-SPIRE-2018) along with 14 partners covering 9 European countries.
The DESTINY project aims to realize a functional, green and energy saving, scalable and replicable solution, employing microwave energy for continuous material processing in energy intensive industries. The target is to develop and demonstrate a new concept of firing for granular feedstock to realize material transformation using full microwave heating as an alternative energy source and complement to the existing conventional production. The DESTINY system is conceived as cellular kilns in a mobile modular plant, with significant advantages in terms of resource and energy efficiency, flexibility, replicability, scalability and a reduced environmental footprint.
The influence of the DESTINY solutions in terms of stability, process efficiency and characteristics of raw materials, intermediate/sub/final products will be investigated to improve performance of the industrial processes within 3 industrial sectors (Cement, Ceramics and Steel). New heating technologies, monitoring systems and numerical simulation tools will be used to drive the design and to excel in the outcome.
CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY’s activities within the project aim to realize the development of tailored transport systems; the design and calculation of a pneumatic transport system at low speed, equipping the MW applicators with the necessary equipment and instruments for the total control of all system parameters; the manufacturing and testing of the Microwave furnace; and the Integration and validation in demonstrators: participating on Detailed engineering and containerised plant integration, construction and pilot validation.
The DESTINY Kick-off meeting was held in Brussels-Belgium (30th-31st of October 2018), and its 2nd General Assembly meeting was held in Ancona-Italy (27th-28th of March 2019), where the progress and next steps of the project were presented.


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